About us

Talash Foundation ® is a Non Governmental Organization working in Lahore, Pakistan since 2008. Talash Foundation is a registered organization under the Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860. Our Registration Number is RP/4278/L/S/08/1730; Talash Foundation Pakistan is working as an independent, non-governmental, non-profit and charitable organization. It works under its own Articles of Association and leadership. It has no affiliation with any regional ethnic or political organization of Pakistan or anywhere in the world.

Our knowledge and understanding of ourselves, and each other, is largely shaped by the Media. Perceptions about Pakistan & South Asia are largely distorted. Despite a rich cultural heritage, the younger generation is still disconnected and discouraged. This weakness of identity and understanding is enhanced by media propagated stereotypes.

We need a deeper understanding of who we are and learn to celebrate the unique richness of our own culture, history, art and heritage.


  1. Networking to bring various stake holders to join hands
  2. Research & Development to create a resource centre to facilitate new content creation
  3. Production to generate new relevant and constructive content
  4. Showcasing to share amongst us and with the world
  5. Funding to generate means to support the Talash Foundation Programs
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